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Siamo Tornati!

Ciao Gusto Friends,

It's not easy to describe the thrill of returning to New Hampshire after more than a month. In addition to being restful, our journey home to Italy was also truly a great inspiration and an opportunity to remind us how much we believe in simplicity and quality of the products!

Our Gusto Village is ready to reopen its doors, and kick off another fantastic year.

Are you ready to get back to your beloved routine this Wednesday? Fresh pastries, special dishes and the cappuccinos you missed so much will be there waiting for you along with our strong and amazing Gusto team.

And for those who missed our pop up events, don't miss the Re-opening party this Friday, February 3rd! A fantastic All-you-can-eat buffet, with all the latest culinary offerings directly from our trip to Tuscany. ($55 Tickets Available with more info at Gusto Italian Cafe)

We are so happy to be back and we are very excited to start again! Some Upcoming Events to keep in mind...

  • All You Can Eat Buffet this Friday, Feb. 3rd

  • Valentine's Day Dinner

  • Wine Tasting Coming Back Soon at Gusto Market - Stay tuned

  • Gusto Market will be Open its regular hours starting this Wednesday, Feb. 1st.

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Nick & Elena


La Nostra Avventura

Research shows that leisure-time is an important predictor of well being and satisfaction with life. Thus, going on a vacation and traveling can increase engagement and productivity when one goes back to work. We wish these photos could do more…To smell and taste some of the dishes we were fortunate enough to enjoy during our trip. To see and experience the places we saw… We hope you enjoy these little glimpses.

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