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About Us

  …. ” Welcome to Gusto. Home of Elena and Nick! We met on a train, near Florence. Nick was crocheting (really unusual in Italy) We start to laugh and here we are.  Today we are ready to give you a taste of our origins. Our goal is to make Gusto a place where you can relax, learn about Italy and feel at home like you were in Tuscany! “…

Our Mission

The idea of Gusto was born to bring people inside a cozy, authentic home in Tuscany where the best hospitality and the freshness of the food is always guaranteed.

Gusto is an ‘All-Purpose’ place, where people will always find fresh food for a good price!
It will satisfy any request: a fast grab and go breakfast with the best Cappuccino ready or traditional Panini with homemade bread and big trays of Lasagna fresh every day. That's just a taste!


Gusto is a place where people will learn about Italian traditions, reading books from the Library Corner and enjoying Weekly Cooking Classes.

Our goal is to become an important reference point for the community.

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