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Preperazione per la Festa del Papa - Preparing for Father's Day

Ciao Famiglia Gusto!

We hope this newsletter finds you well while you all enjoy the beautiful weather we’re having!

Father’s Day is coming up and with it, some very special and fun ways to celebrate! We’re featuring an incredible Mocha Chocolate Bomb Cake to give Dad a delicious burst of energy! Airy Chocolate Sponge Cake, with Espresso Mascarpone Cream and fabulous Chocolate decorations will have Dad skipping his morning coffee and satisfying his sweet tooth at the same time! Place your orders for cakes & catering this week to be ready to pick up next Tuesday through Friday.

We’re taking a bit of a break this week while we prepare to make Father’s Day a week full of fun; so there will be no wine tasting or brunch this week. That being said, the Taphouse & Biergarten will be open for Aperitivo from 12pm to 6pm Sunday with drinks & cocktails and pretzel focaccia crostini with hummus, and home made babaganoush, Italian chips and pasta salad!. Bring your lunch from the cafe across the street to enjoy our beautiful outdoor seating at the Tahpouse!

Elena & Nick need some help at Gusto Market! We’re looking for someone with retail experience to help us run and manage our retail store and Italian deli. If you or someone you know is interested, please send your resume and cover letter to

Thank you all for being such an incredible community! We love seeing all your beautiful faces every day and are excited for a delicious fun-filled summer with you all!

Buon Appetito!

Elena & Nick

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