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Hello Gusto Friends...Passa Una Bella Estate!

Ciao Gusto Friends,

What a wonderful summer! The amount of energy, people and life that goes through Gusto every day is everything we had hoped for and more. We have so many things to tell you. We are waiting for new products, organizing tasting dinners, and planning the rest of the summer with a small 2-day break next week.

Some of you may have heard, the BEST Extra Virgin Olive Oil is coming (already in American territory) to Gusto, directly from the last pressing of last year. This Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the winner of awards everywhere and will change your palates, along with helping your well-being. Available for purchase at Gusto Market very soon!

Most importantly THANKS TO YOU, our amazing Gusto Customers and Friends who continue to follow and support our Gusto adventures, our vision for Gusto is now happening. We are deeply grateful and proud of our Aperitifs (Wine Tasting) at Gusto Market, Dinners, Catering, our Gusto Pizza Truck and… very soon our Second-Floor addition to our Gusto Café. More details to come soon!

With the combination of your support and our hard work we are proud to be able to invest in a work program for chefs of foreign incomes. What jewels we have received, talented chefs who put enthusiasm and knowledge into the dishes they prepare every day, from early morning to evening! We are all reaping the delicious benefits of their talents and hard work combined with our fantastic Gusto staff.

From the bottom of our hearts, Thank You and let us continue enjoying these beautiful hot summer days! Be sure to join us tomorrow for our weekly Aperitivo at Gusto Market starting at 4pm.


Nick & Elena

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