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Grazie Amici!

Saluti Friends of Gusto,

Thanks you very much for coming to our wine tasting last Thursday. What a unique experience, we have never had so many people together inside out little Market... the energy was through the roof and we will certainly repeat something similar very soon!

But there's one thing we really want to touch up on about last week . We'd like to thank you for coming to support our amazing staff while Nick and I were away. All the feedback and reviews we received during our absence made us feel so proud and safe. We are surrounded by phenomenal customers who respond to all of our initiative, but above all, we are lucky to have such a competent and responsible staff behind us! We are all here with the same goal, to enrich out community with great service and with a lot of enthusiasm.

For this week we have organized something you cannot miss... PIZZA AND GUSTO SPECIALTIES! Everything you love most will be at Gusto this Saturday for a super casual evening dedicated to Family, Pizza, and the most famous foods on our menu available for dinner on this special occassion!



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