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Felice Estate!

Ciao Gusto Friends,

Last week brought us so much joy with the events that took place. We were very honored to help host a beautiful compleanno (birthday) party upstairs at Gusto Juice Bar. The White Wine Tasting at Gusto Market had quite the turnout and it was so lovely to have our friends from Rossi Import once again! Thank you to all that joined us in having a great time at Gusto Market, while Nick and Rino made homemade tortellini for Friday night's Bologna inspired dinner. Which was so amazing for us to create and share with all of you a traditional Italian Dinner typical from that region of Italy. Thank you again for joining us and we hope you can join us again this week.

This week we are bringing back our Gusto Friday Night Buffet Style Dinner with seating available at Gusto Italian Café (downstairs) and Gusto Juice Bar (upstairs). We’ll be offering typical homemade Italian dishes from a few different regions this time. Reservations strongly encouraged; please call or come in during our hours of operations to make your reservation.


Nick & Elena

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