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Ciao Amici!

Ciao Gusto Friends,

What a wonderful whirlwind week we’ve had and it’s thanks to all of you! The abundance of support and excitement we’ve received from our community for winning the Restauranteur of the Year Award has been so encouraging and uplifting. We Thank You again from the bottom of our hearts! Also, Thank You to everyone who joined us for our Spaghetti Western Dinner on Saturday. As always, it was a fun filled evening!

Yesterday, we took full advantage of enjoying the fall festivities, including the Sandwich Fair! Such a magnificent family event to enjoy. Today, we also began our Postpartum Support Circle upstairs in our Gusto Juice Bar with Riley Lacasse of Otter Tide Doula. We will continue to offer this event on the 2nd Tuesdays of every month starting at 10am. To learn more please visit

We love supporting others and our regulars, especially when it supports our love for Italy! Our friend and summer regular, Antonia Accili is the author of Antonia’s Italy: Walking Tours of Florence - A Guide to Its Art, Food & Fun and we are very excited to now offer it for purchase at Gusto Market. Get your copy today and plan your next trip to Italy!

With that said, Nick and I will be leaving this coming Friday for Italy. Gusto Italian Café will remain open with our AMAZING Gusto Team running the show. Gusto Market will be open until Saturday, Oct. 14th to Sunday, Oct. 22nd. Please show love to our amazing staff and your support while we are gone.

Grazie Amici!

Elena & Nick

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